Topic: Arbitrator challenges

Arbitrator disqualified over ties to Kazakh judges

German arbitrator Rolf Knieper has been disqualified from hearing a US energy company’s ICSID claim against Kazakhstan because of his relationship with members of the country’s judiciary whose rulings are at issue in the case.

08 May 2018

Stern survives challenge in case over Croatian golf resort

UPDATED. Brigitte Stern has survived an attempt to disqualify her from hearing an ICSID case against Croatia over a controversial project to build a golf resort overlooking Dubrovnik, on the grounds of her past appointments by the state.

25 April 2018

Castellanos Howell survives three challenges by Venezuela

Guatemalan arbitrator Álvaro Castellanos Howell has survived three challenges made to his presence on ICSID annulment committees by Venezuela because of his alleged criticism of the state’s judicial system, as another embattled ICSID arbitrator, Stanimir Alexandrov, faces a new challenge.

12 March 2018

English court rules arbitrator in 9/11 dispute lacks relevant experience

The English High Court has ruled that an arbitrator who was due to hear a reinsurance dispute over damage to the Port of New York in the World Trade Centre attack on 11 September 2001 does not have relevant experience and should be removed from the case.

10 November 2017

Embattled over Brattle - ‎Spain's challenge to Alexandrov divides co-arbitrators

Two ICSID arbitrators have declared themselves "equally divided" on a challenge by Spain to their co-arbitrator, Stanimir Alexandrov - based on his 15 year relationship with the Brattle Group and ongoing use of the expert testimony firm in two cases in which he is counsel.

24 October 2017

Italian arbitrator loses appeal over recusal

An arbitrator who was disqualified from a €3 billion insurance dispute after being accused of taking a bribe has lost an appeal against his recusal before Italy's highest court - as he faces a new lawsuit from the party that made the allegation.

15 September 2017

Alexandrov survives Pakistan's challenge over "rare" damages model

Bulgarian arbitrator Stanimir Alexandrov has survived an attempt by Pakistan to unseat him from an ICSID tribunal because of its reliance on a supposedly "rare" valuation method that he has also invoked in another case in which he is acting as counsel.

08 September 2017

New light on Ecuador’s efforts to unseat Schwebel

As Ecuador awaits a final award in a denial of justice claim by a US pharmaceuticals company, details of the state’s two failed attempts to disqualify US arbitrator Stephen M Schwebel from the case have come to light, along with a decision on interim measures.

19 May 2017

Whole tribunal challenged over due process in Stockholm case

At a time when challenges on the grounds of due process are causing concern, Matthew Parish of Gentium Law in Geneva has sought the removal of the tribunal in a long-running Stockholm shipping arbitration because of alleged ex parte communication and an accumulation of other complaints.

27 November 2016

Arbitrator fights bribery suit in New York

An Italian arbitrator has instructed counsel to defend him in a US lawsuit where he is accused of taking a bribe to determine the outcome of a €3 billion dispute between former insurance partners.

08 September 2016

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