Arbitral institutions and hearing centres

Salomon takes over at ICC

Claudia Salomon has begun her term as president of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, supported by a new ICC court, the most diverse to date.

01 July 2021

HKIAC reveals duration and cost of cases

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre has revealed that, in the past eight years, the average arbitration at the centre has lasted 13 months, from date of commencement to date of the award or decision, and cost US$64,606.

29 June 2021

ICSID urges approval of latest draft rule changes

ICSID has published its latest working paper on proposed amendments to its rules – including changes on ownership and control, third-party funding and costs – and has called on member states to vote on the draft by the end of the year.

17 June 2021

Enhancing dispute settlement and prevention in Kazakhstan

A webinar organised by the World Bank and Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice considered the country’s efforts to improve its business and investment climate by enhancing dispute settlement and prevention mechanisms. Martin Gronemann of Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg reports.

07 June 2021

LCIA marks five years of the Pledge

In a banner on its website to mark five years since it signed the Pledge, the LCIA has noted how the total percentage of female arbitrator appointments in cases under its auspices has soared, from 15.8% in 2015 to 33% in 2020.

07 June 2021

An entire jurisdiction on one platform

The Swiss Arbitration Association has announced the launch of an online platform providing comprehensive access to information about arbitration in Switzerland and all that the jurisdiction has to offer.

01 June 2021

A Swiss transformation

In a major innovation that has already made the GAR Awards nominations list, the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution is to be transformed into the Swiss Arbitration Centre, with ASA as majority shareholder and updated rules of arbitration.

20 May 2021

ICC and SIAC secure Russian licences

UPDATED: The ICC International Court of Arbitration and Singapore International Arbitration Centre have been awarded coveted licences to administer Russia-seated arbitrations.

19 May 2021

LCIA cases up in pandemic year

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the LCIA had its highest caseload ever in 2020, with a 10% increase in referrals and an 18% increase in cases under LCIA rules, compared with 2019.

17 May 2021

New VPs and court members for LCIA

To coincide with the release of its annual report, the LCIA has welcomed prominent and diverse practitioners onto the LCIA Court, including 2 new vice presidents, and announced a new president of its European Users Council.

17 May 2021

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