Arbitral institutions and hearing centres

SCC offers ad hoc platform for free during pandemic

In an initiative to support online administration of proceedings in challenging times, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is offering its secure digital platform for communications and file sharing between tribunals and parties free of charge for ad hoc cases started during the coronavirus pandemic.

24 April 2020

Covid-19: participants in SIAC case share success of virtual hearing

After Doug Jones called for the arbitration community to exchange feedback on cases conducted remotely using technology during the coronavirus pandemic, participants in an international commercial case under SIAC rules have shared their experience of conducting a case using technology provided by Maxwell Chambers in Singapore.

23 April 2020

Delos updates covid-19 checklist

GAR Award-winning arbitral body Delos Dispute Resolution has updated its checklist on holding in-person arbitrations and mediation hearings during the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, in particular to address a situation where one side wants to proceed with a case and the other to delay it.

03 April 2020

Seoul protocol on video conferencing unveiled

A new Seoul Protocol on Video Conferencing in International Arbitration, published by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, offers guidance that could be useful for those holding virtual hearings and meetings from lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

02 April 2020

New co-chairs for ICC Belt and Road commission

The ICC International Court of Arbitration has appointed two new co-chairs for its Belt and Road commission to replace departing chair Justin D’Agostino.

23 March 2020

Dubai centre reports record caseload

The DIFC-LCIA in Dubai has published its caseload statistics for 2018, reporting the highest-ever number of cases filed at the centre.

25 November 2019

Change of leadership at Finnish institute

Heidi Merikalla-Teir has stepped down as secretary general of the Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce to return to private practice, as Santtu Turunen replaces her in the role.

25 June 2019

Cairo centre announces case figures and new advisers

The Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, or CRCICA, has disclosed that it received 77 new cases in 2018 – as it appoints a Beijing lawyer and two others to its advisory committee.

13 May 2019

HKIAC to be licensed in Russia

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre is to become the first foreign arbitral institution licensed to administer cases in Russia after receiving approval from a regulatory body established under the country’s 2015 arbitration reforms.

09 April 2019

ICSID releases updated rule proposals

Following a public consultation, ICSID has published a second draft of its proposed amendments to the centre’s rules, including new provisions on third-party funding, arbitrator disqualifications and expedited proceedings.

18 March 2019

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