Arbitral institutions and hearing centres

Sleepless nights over sanctions

A conference organised by the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) considered economic sanctions and the many ways they can affect international arbitration and cause “sleepless nights” for practitioners. Chloé Terrapon Chassot of Walder Wyss reports.

12 October 2022

Benelux centres team up to launch new group

Arbitral bodies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have launched a new group to promote collaboration and boost their visibility, as they explore the possibility of uniform legislation for international arbitrations seated in the Benelux region.

10 October 2022

DIS names corporate counsel as new secretary general

The German Arbitration Institute, or DIS, has appointed Siemens in-house counsel Ramona Schardt as its new secretary general to replace Francesca Mazza.

05 October 2022

New ASA board achieves gender parity

The Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) has elected a new board to take over next year, adding more foreign members and achieving gender parity for the first time.

23 September 2022

Scottish centre ready to handle cases

A decade after it was launched, the Scottish Arbitration Centre has declared it is ready to administer cases under inaugural arbitration rules that include “ground-breaking” commitments to diversity and the environment, while announcing new leadership at the institution.

19 September 2022

Style succeeds Sheppard at LCIA

After 22 years as a board member and 15 years as deputy chairman, Christopher Style of One Essex Court is to succeed Audley Sheppard of Clifford Chance as the next chair of the LCIA board.

16 September 2022

Pitkowitz takes the helm at VIAC

Nikolaus Pitkowitz of Austrian boutique Pitkowitz & Partners has taken over as president of the Vienna International Arbitration Centre from Günther Horvath, who steps down after three-and-a-half years in the role.

13 September 2022

Inaugural president of unified Madrid centre resigns

José Antonio Caínzos has resigned as the inaugural president of the Madrid International Arbitration Centre, citing “irresolvable” differences with its three founding arbitration courts over how the institution is run.

02 September 2022

Former Singapore AG calls for more Asian representation

Singapore’s former attorney general VK Rajah SC argued at GAR Live today that with Asian arbitration practitioners now going “toe to toe” with the world’s best, institutions must do more to promote their inclusion and not focus only on gender diversity.

23 August 2022

Vancouver arbitration centre introduces new rules

The Vancouver International Arbitration Centre has adopted new rules for commercial disputes, including provisions on expedited procedures and emergency relief.

16 August 2022

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