Arbitral institutions and hearing centres

Rajoo back at AIAC

In a dramatic volte face, Sundra Rajoo has been reinstated as director of the Kuala Lumpur-based Asian International Arbitration Centre after being cleared of criminal charges arising from his previous eight-year tenure.

17 March 2023

CIArb Young Members Group names new leaders

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators’ Young Members Group has elected new members to its steering committee for the 2023 term.

09 March 2023

DIAC refreshes court and adds registrar

The Dubai International Arbitration Centre has unveiled its new arbitration court, made up mostly of foreign practitioners, as well as hiring a new registrar.

28 February 2023

Malpass to leave World Bank role

David Malpass has announced his plans to resign as president of the World Bank – and chair of ICSID’s administrative council – before the end of his term, amid reports of a climate policy rift with US President Joe Biden.

17 February 2023

ICCA unveils new board

ICCA has elected Audley Sheppard KC as its new vice president, as well as naming four new members of its governing board.

15 February 2023

Madrid centre names new secretary general

The Madrid International Arbitration Centre, or CIAM, has appointed former CMS counsel Marta Lalaguna as its new secretary general – replacing Mélanie Riofrio Piché, who is departing to launch a solo practice as arbitrator.

03 February 2023

Declaration marks 100 years of the ICC Court

To mark its centenary this year, the ICC International Court of Arbitration has issued a declaration setting out its unwavering commitment to access to justice and the rule of law and its vision for leading dispute resolution for the next century.

01 February 2023

CEPANI makes diversity a rule

The Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI) has included an express requirement in its new arbitration rules to consider diversity and inclusion when appointing arbitrators.

27 January 2023

Swiss centre names new court members

The Swiss Arbitration Centre has appointed new members to its arbitration court, which now has gender parity, as “game-changing” new rules for corporate law disputes come into effect.

26 January 2023

New faces on ICSID roster

Sixteen member states have nominated 57 individuals to ICSID’s panels of arbitrators and conciliators over the past year, while several of this year’s new designations have also been revealed.

24 January 2023

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