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Arbitrator Research Tool - coming soon

Welcome to Global Arbitration Review’s Arbitrator Research Tool

A unique resource to make researching a specific arbitrator easier

Gain accurate and current information about arbitrators, not available elsewhere, that makes researching an individual simpler and more cost-effective.

What’s included?

  • Biographical information for each arbitrator

  • Facts and figures about their experience 

  • A list of co-arbitrators they have sat with in the past three years (alphabetical order)

  • A list of counsel who have appeared before them, in that period (ditto)


  • Provides recent eye witness sources you can contact for feedback about a particular arbitrator

  • Cuts down time

  • Levels the playing field: helps those not part of a large IA organisation 

  • Will help newer arbitrators to gain a foothold, so assisting with diversity 

Counsel Arbitrators Users

Leverage your personal network

Save time by searching for arbitrators in one place

Discover experienced arbitrators that you may not know from
various locations and fields

Your vital information all in one place

Expand your profile                 
Convey your personal approach to case management           

Make it easier to appoint you

Have more say in arbitrator selection

Save time by searching for arbitrators in one place          
Simple and straightforward to use              

Useful for vetting counsel and their experience

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