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GAR is the leading international journal of commercial and treaty arbitration, famed for its analysis and insight on the issues that matter to arbitration professionals. We offer the opportunity to place advertisements with GAR in print or online.


  • The GAR daily news briefing is sent free of charge to over 7,000 registered individuals worldwide. Recipients include in-house counsel, private practice law firms, arbitral institutions and academics.
  • Briefings are sent 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.


  • Each journal has an estimated readership of over 2,000 individuals.
  • 6 print journals are published and distributed per annum.

The following tables show distribution by subscriber type/geographical region:

Subscriber Type
Private Practice 76%
Academics 6%
Financial/Economical bodies (consultancies, hedge funds) 6%
Arbitral Institutions 6%
Corporate Counsel 4%
Other (government bodies, media) 2%
Geographic Region
Europe 53%
North America 25%
Asia 12%
Central & South America 5%
Africa & Middle East 3%
Australasia 2%


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