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Cherishing the tradition of being pioneers in dealing with new legal issues in our country makes us unique. We were first in privatisation business, intellectual property and arbitration while cooperating with offices from London, Paris, Belgrade, Zagreb and other cities. VMB has specialised in the field of franchise agreements, and in this capacity, we attended the International Franchise Fair in New York. Innovation is one of the our advantages as well as recognising the primary interest of our clients, and through mutual trust and our extensive experience and expertise we achieve the most effective results. VMB cooperates with renowned law firms in the region and throughout the world. We are especially pleased that in the recent years we have taken on leadership role in the development of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), with particular focus on cooperation with the arbitration centres from the region such as the German Institute of Arbitration (DIS) and UNCITRAL in Vienna. Our firm had a leading role in drafting the Law on Arbitration of Montenegro, based on UNCITRAL Model Law Rules. We were also the initiators and active participants in making the rules that are applied to arbitrations before the Montenegro Arbitration Court (MAC). We cooperate with all arbitration institutions in the region, including Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Albania and Kosovo, and especially with the most important international arbitration institutions such as the LCIA. We follow the changes that take place in the arbitral proceedings through symposiums, conferences and joint meetings with related firms.